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Leading Change and Action on Climate Change, Short Course

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University of Oxford
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The challenges of achieving a more sustainable future call for new kinds of leadership. The climate change problems we face are complex, the future is uncertain and new ways of working together, from the local to the global level need to be found. The course will offer the opportunity to understand and discuss the issues surrounding climate change, including the science and policy and adaptation needs.
Thinking about leadership has changed hugely in recent decades. Many contemporary approaches place emphasis on ‘relational’ and 'awareness' based leadership practices, in contrast to older more hierarchically based models of leadership. By working with practices to lead self and others, be future minded, build stronger relationships and collaborative practices we can all be involved in leading change, whether or not we are in a formal leadership role. This course will provide an opportunity to reflect on best practice in leadership and to develop your skills and confidence in taking effective action.
It is open to everyone who is either interested in or involved in climate change and sustainability issues, whether in your local context or at a bigger scale.
Course aims
This course aims to:
Give students a good understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change, including the challenges for policy and action from the global to local level.
To introduce some contemporary approaches to leadership and emerging practice for taking action on climate change in a variety of organisational and community contexts.
To encourage students to reflect on their own practice and leadership development and how they aim to develop this in the future.
To gain skills and confidence in their own ability to take action on and lead change for climate change in their personal, local and/or professional context
This course will enable participants to:
Increase understanding of the science of climate change, its impact in different parts of the world, different policy app