First annual Brand Emissions survey published

ENDS CarbonBrand Emissions, the first annual survey of the carbon performance of 600 of the UK’s biggest brands, identifies the brands that are leading on carbon emissions reductions and those which are lagging behind.

The good news is that 121 brands demonstrate they are reducing emissions and have ambitious targets in line with UK government’s Copenhagen goal of 34% carbon emissions reductions by 2020 on 1990 levels (or 1.7% per year). ‘Brand Emissions Leaders’ include Tesco, T-Mobile, Dell, and BMW.

The bad news is that 400 brands are either increasing emissions, have targets weaker than the government target, or do not publish information on their carbon emissions.

The study was carried out by ENDS Carbon and published in association with Marketing Magazine, published by Haymarket Business Media.

ENDS Carbon Researchers found no carbon emissions information reported for 250 brands, including big names like Google, McKinsey and Burger King; and no public emission reduction targets for 320 brands, including Porsche, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Mastercard. 122 (54%) of the brands that reported their emissions data increased their emissions in 2008, including Barclays, Sky and Ebay.

The highest performing sectors were pharmaceuticals, publishers, food retail and telecoms and the weakest were car rentals, hotels and general retail.

Rachael Stilwell, Publishing Director of Marketing Magazine said: “For brands in the UK it is no longer enough to have a statement of intent on carbon reduction. Year-on-year the Brand Emissions survey will track progress against the Government’s goals. With Copenhagen around the corner and the consumer agenda becoming ever more green these results will become an important reputational milestone for brands.”

The 100 or so leading brands show just how much can be done if you set your mind to it. But to keep global temperatures within the 2°C ‘safe’ zone, we need all brands to demonstrate that the same level of ambition and achievement as these Leaders. – Dr. Craig Mackenzie, Research Director, Brand Emissions Project

Overall performance tables are available on from 25 Nov. A detailed analysis of the results - The Brand Emissions Leaders Report 2009 is published on 9 Dec 2009.