The ENDS Survey of Environmental Professionals 2011

Despite government claims to be the “greenest ever”, Britain’s environmental profession is under pressure and could even shrink, ENDS’ annual survey of the sector has revealed.

More than 2,000 environmental professionals reflecting all types of green collar jobs participated in the survey, which was carried out with support from the Society for the Environment (SocEnv) and the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).

The survey results have been published as an ENDS special report. Key findings are that:

  • Job losses in environmental roles are under way in more than one third of responding organisations
  • More than half of respondents foresee UK green job opportunities shrinking further in 2011.
  • Three in five expect public spending cuts to directly affect environmental employment in their organisation.

This survey is a “wake-up call for government", said ENDS Editor-in-Chief Nick Rowcliffe. “Real progress towards a greener economy is going to require exactly the multi-disciplinary skills that have built up over years in the environmental profession, and which are now under threat.”

CIWEM Executive Director Nick Reeves said: “The green revolution is stalling and the thousands of new green-collar jobs that were promised aren’t materialising fast enough. The ‘greenest government ever’ must clarify its environmental policies and put in place green growth plans.”

SocEnv Acting Chief Executive Kerry Geldart added: “We urge the government to recognise that environmental professionals are leading the way, and that its most pressing duty is to get fully behind the skills and resources required to meet the future.”