Consultancy Market Guide 2011

Despite slow economic recovery and public spending cuts, parts of the environmental, carbon and sustainability consulting market are buoyant

Times may be tough and business growth hard to find, but it’s not all doom and gloom for the UK’s environmental consultancies, ENDS’ annual survey of the sector reveals.

More than 50 organisations responded, providing a detailed, timely insight into the state of one of the UK’s key green industries, at a time of change and austerity.

The findings have been published as an ENDS Special Report. Key findings are that:

  • Growth in demand for environmental consultancy services will not resume seriously until economic growth picks up
  • The public spending squeeze will lead to a large reduction in local and central government spending on consultancy services
  • The ‘green energy revolution’ is not as visible to the consultancy sector as it should be
  • Adjusting to and complying with legislation remains the key demand driver for environmental consultancy services
  • 2011/12 will be another tricky year for many UK environmental, carbon and sustainability consultancies

Some market growth is in prospect in certain sectors and those organisations that are most adept at meeting clients’ needs will be best placed to seize the lion’s share