ENDS Carbon analyses European firms' greenhouse emissions

Carbon disclosure and management performance by Europe’s largest companies has been analysed by ENDS Carbon in a report written for the Carbon Disclosure Project. The report was launched today in Paris.

ENDS Carbon evaluated 2011 results from European-based firms drawn from CDP’s annual global survey of global corporate carbon disclosure and management performance. The report also previews a forthcoming FTSE CDP Carbon Strategy Index, also based on analysis by ENDS Carbon.

Dr Craig Mackenzie, technical director of ENDS Carbon, said: “Our analysis indicates that many European companies are demonstrating that innovation and systematic effort can deliver emissions reductions. But there are still many companies who do not demonstrate sufficient commitment to the robust action on climate change required in order to achieve the long-term emissions goals set by EU governments in Copenhagen.

ENDS Europe has reported on key findings of the research in an article published today.

See the Carbon Disclosure Project for the full report: CDP Europe 300 Report 2011