ENDS Special Report: Organising for Sustainability

ENDS has published unique insights into how business organises itself for greater sustainability.

Based on a survey of UK companies, Organising for Sustainability reveals two main alternative structures, which it calls the ‘compliance’ and ‘sustainability’ archetypes.

The report shows how organisations are increasingly developing their approach to sustainability, but also some of the pitfalls that are preventing progress. One of the most important is a lack of support for sustainability departments from other central departments, especially finance, R&D, business management and sales and marketing.

ENDS believes this is holding back corporate sustainability efforts in general and the integration of sustainability into core business strategy in particular.

On the other hand, the report reveals which other departments work most closely with sustainability teams: the top three are facilities, supply chain and HR.

The report finds that larger companies tend to have sustainability teams of about five staff, but that any organisation wanting to be a sustainability leader might need to consider at least doubling this number.

There appears to be no clear relationship between where sustainability teams sit in organisations and level of commitment to sustainability aims. UK companies take a wide variety of approaches, from having a separate sustainability department or placing it within other departments ranging from marketing to HR.

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