ADBA Scottish National Conference 2018

Organised by
The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA)
Radisson Blu Hotel 301 Argyle St Glasgow G2 8DL
£140 (+ £ 37.83 FEE&VAT)ADBA Member early bird. £280(+£75.07 FEE&VAT)3 for 2 ADBA Member early bird. £200(+ £53.79 FEE&VAT) Non-member early bird. £400 (+ £106.99 FEE&VAT) 3 for 2 Non-member early bird. This sale ends on the 23rd of December.
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Talking points for this Conference will be:

Regulation: from 1st January 2021 Scottish councils will be banned from sending any biodegradable waste to landfills, the Scottish AD community needs to get ready, 2021 is just around the corner.

The Political Landscape: Political uncertainty has brought new questions; will the Scottish government maintain its stance and efforts in AD, whatever happens to the EU/UK relationship?

Growth: In the last few years in Scotland we have obtained the same number of AD plants planning permission then we have operating plants, giving us the potential to double the industry.

Investment: The Scottish AD market value is already £66 Million, and expected to grow further.