Coastal Erosion and Flood Risk Management at Lancaster University in partnership with JBA Consulting

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Lancaster Environment Centre, LEC3, Training Room 1/2, InfoLab21 C60
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This module, part of a suit of standalone modules in Flood and Coastal Risk Management will provide a solid foundation in the processes that lead to coastal erosion and flood risk, including tides, storm surges and waves.

It will introduce estimation and computational techniques used to calculate extreme sea level and wave heights and for the production of tidalgraphs for flood inundation modelling. Delegates will also cover coastal asset management, design and planning considerations.

The module will be delivered in the context of applying these technical approaches and concepts to decision making faced by coastal asset owners, planners, and developers. It will also introduce the concepts of predicting climate change impacts, uncertainty and how to incorporate these into flood risk management.

Who should attend?

The module is particularly relevant for coastal asset owners, planners, and developers. It will also be of interest to professionals and managers who wish to update their knowledge of extreme sea level science.

Entry requirements

The organiser recognises prior learning and experience; there are no formal entry requirements and there is no necessarily the need of a degree to apply.