SuDS: standards, guidance and design tools

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The course takes attendees step by step through the basis and requirements of current criteria and methods for delivering compliant surface water management systems. It provides them with an understanding of the inputs, outputs and parameters required in commonly used tools and models (including the tools) – and how to assess whether the right or sufficient information has been presented with drainage submissions. This one-day course assumes that attendees are already familiar with the concept of SuDS and are aware of the requirements of the non-statutory SuDS standards (Defra, 2015). The focus is on the requirements for developments in England, but Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland requirements are be touched upon where appropriate.
The principal audience for this course is anticipated to be:
Developers and consultants – to understand what is required of drainage designs to secure LPA approval and the guidance and tools available to support the design process.
LPA SuDS approval officers – to understand how to evaluate drainage submissions in line with national standards and guidance.

However, it may also be of value to other SuDS practitioners, regulators and other environmental consultants.