Coastal processes and management

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The risk of coastal flooding and erosion, both in the UK and overseas, will increase as existing man-made defences (e.g. flood embankments and seawalls) deteriorate and as a result of sea level rise due to climate change. Land close to the sea is often under pressure, both from development and as a natural resource (e.g. to provide minerals and renewable energy). There are, however, constraints on public spending and a growing awareness of the need to preserve the natural coastal environment and to ensure that its management is sustainable.

It is important to understand the physical processes that have so far shaped and will continue to affect the coastline before contemplating any engineering or management works. These processes include wave generation and propagation, the movements of the tides and the resulting disturbance and transport of sediments both over the seabed and on beaches. Predicting how the coastline will continue to change, with or without man's intervention, is a fundamental requirement for planning its management.

This course introduces methods used in designing and planning coastal engineering and management schemes.