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EMS cycle 5 document control

Document control

About: The paper trail is very important for management system framework. All actions, meetings, audits and changes to procedures or documentation need to be recorded in records log. The log is kept in management framework manual alongside the policy, relevant registers, procedures and work instructions.

Below is a flowchart showing a typical document control procedure. Exact procedures vary according to the specific needs of an organisation and of a management system:

Document control procedure for EHS management systems

Following is a sample controlled document, keeping track of changes to the document and approvals:

Sample controlled document

Services: ENDS can help by reviewing existing document control systems, recommending improvements and providing complete document management frameworks or drafting a whole new document control system for your organisation.

Benefits: Whether a project lasts two weeks or spans months, no matter if the team consists of three members or dozens, an electronic document management system can help entities keep track of the documents, reports, and correspondences involved from the planning to execution phases.

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