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Policy statements

About: A typical ISO or OHSAS-compliant policy is one page in length and sets out the aims and vision for an organisation’s commitment to environmental protection/ risk prevention / energy efficiency / quality. 

A policy statement is a prime commitment of management at all levels of the organisation, but particularly at the top. Policy is usually presented in three parts:

  • general Statement of Intent;
  • the organisation section; and
  • the arrangement section.


A general Statement of Intent spells out the organisation's overall approach and it's aims to respective management standard.

An Organisation section deals with people and their operational duties.

An Arrangement section outlines general and specific arrangements that exist to deal with particular impacts and risks and obtain the aims and objectives of the policy.

Services: ENDS can help you create a new policy or improve an existing one. Based on a questionnaire and any existing policy statement(s) we will advise by email and/or telephone conversation on changes needed to achieve full conformity with relevant ISO or OHSAS standards.

Benefits: Ensure your policy statement is robust and fully compliant with relevant standard(s).

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