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EMS cycle 2 legal registers

Legal, Aspects/Impacts and Risks Registers

About: All certifying management systems require organisations to maintain certain registers i.e. documenting key environmental aspects along with their respective impacts, significant risks and hazards of their activities and legal register containing all applicable laws and regulations (most/all standards). Listing and rating key aspects and risks enable organizations to prioritise actions and applying mitigation measures.

Register structure can vary greatly depending on the specific standard and whether it is a compilation of risks, aspects or legal requirements.

Below is an extract from a sample Legal Register created on ENDS Compliance Manager. Online Legal Registers like this have the big advantage that new developments are monitored and communicated, helping the user keep up to date.

Sample legal register

Aspects registers enable an organisation to keep a structured record of activities giving rise to risks and requiring management, understand the nature and severity of risks arising, identify the most risky activities, and document a control programme to control identified risks. Following is a sample template for creating an aspects register.

Sample aspect impact register

Services: ENDS can help through health checks (gap analysis) on existing registers or creating new registers from scratch. Our ISO & OHSAS and legal register support can be integrated with the online register creation and alerting service on the ENDS Compliance Manager platform.

Benefits: Peace of mind that legal risk has been minimised and over one of the most taxing elements of successfully running a certified EHS management system.

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