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EMS cycle 3 roles and responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

About: Central to ISO and OSHAS standards, is the allocation of responsibility to personnel at all levels of an organisation. A management hierarchy must be defined with clear commitment and roles and responsibilities cascading down to all employees. Individual roles and responsibilities must be clearly understood by all relevant staff. Lead, co-workers, internal auditors and a document controller must be instructed, informed and trained.  

The CEO or MD is ultimately responsible and accountable for the entire organisation. Management at all levels is responsible for allocating responsibilities down the line so that each employee understands his/her role and responsibility towards achieving requirements of a management standard. 

For example an environmental management system will have an environmental manager running the day to day implementation of the EMS, delegated responsibility to internal auditors to ensure that the EMS is meeting the standards and procedures set out in ISO 14001, and a steering committee to oversee key decisions and review the EMS quarterly.

The sample organogram below shows this schematically:

Roles & Responsibilities

Services: ENDS can help by reviewing existing approaches, identifying personal and key skills and training requirements to meet your need. Detailed training is required for people involved in process with significant impacts/ risks. Bespoke trainings tailored to your need and requirements can be provided by ENDS 360.

Benefits: Informed and trained workforce is able to perform their day to day duties in a risk free manner and can lead the management system towards certification successfully.

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