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Prof Tim McIntyre-Bhatty, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Bournemouth University 

Nick Rowcliffe, Publisher, The ENDS Report 

09:15Chair's Opening Remarks
Joan Walley, Chair, Aldersgate Group

Keynote: Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit, Clean Brexit, Dirty Brexit - Reviewing Scenarios?

  • Outlining the difference between single market membership and access
  • Assessing the environmental implications of limited access
  • In a harder Brexit what other barriers will the UK have to overcome other than tariffs?
  • Could the EU require full implementation of the environmental acquis as pre-requisite for trade?


Dr Alan Whitehead, Labour MP, Southampton Test


The Impact Of The Great Repeal Bill On Environmental Law

  • How is it going to be accomplished in time?
  • What are the risks of legal voids opening up?
  • Where might immediate changes be made via Henry VIII powers?


Martin Baxter, Chief Policy Advisor, IEMA
Richard Macrory, Professor, UCL and Co-chair, UK Environmental Law Association Brexit Task Force
Phillip Ward, Chair, Resource Futures

Moderator: Joan Walley, Chair, Aldersgate Group

11:00Networking Break And Morning Refreshments

Industry Regulation, Permitting And Enforcement After Brexit

  • Will environment agencies interpret existing rules differently?
  • Likely scenarios for the EU emission trading scheme
  • What are the risks as well as opportunities for water regulation?
  • Analysing the potential implications for farm regulation including subsidies
  • Which areas of waste regulation are the most exposed to change?


Ray Clarke, Consultant, Weightmans
Paul Leinster, Professor of Environmental Assessment, Cranfield University and Former Chief Executive, Environmental Agency
Martin Bigg, Professor of Environmental Technologies Innovation, UWE Bristol

Moderator: Isabella Kaminski, Deputy Editor, The ENDS Report 

12:30Networking Lunch

Product Legislation, Producer Compliance And Market Access After Brexit

  • What are the most likely market access scenarios?
  • What are the best outcomes for business on product and market legislation like RoHS and REACH?
  • How far will EU product legislation be continued by the UK?
  • Overcoming uncertainties over REACH
  • Can we mirror EU REACH regulations into a national framework?
  • What does Brexit mean for export/import with EU countries?
  • Can the UK potentially decide not to comply with REACH?
  • Avoiding stagnation and lack of clarity on energy product standards
  • Will producers have ‘cradle to grave’ responsibility to cover the costs for the recovery and/or recycling of their product?


Dr Lorenzo Squintani, Assistant Professor, Department of European and Economic Law, University of Groningen
Peter Oliver, Barrister at Law, Monckton Chambers
Robbie Staniforth, Commercial Manager, Ecosurety

Moderator: Angus Macpherson, Managing Director, The Environment Exchange


Legal Drivers And Obstacles To Environmental Protection After Brexit

  • What will be the role played by courts?
  • Determining likely scenarios for any future CJEU role
  • What are the implications for air quality standards, especially areas in breach?
  • What if all EU reporting obligations fall away?
  • What does the near and long-term future look like for the UK's 25-year environmental plan?


John Beardmore, Managing Director, T4 Sustainability Ltd
Rob Bradley, Team Leader, RPS Water
Matt Shardlow, Chief Executive, Buglife
Karla Hill, Director of Programmes, ClientEarth

Moderator: Tilak Ginige, Senior Lecturer Environmental Law, Bournemouth University

15:30Networking Break And Afternoon Refreshments

Environment And Devolution After Brexit

  • Will the UK truly become four separate jurisdictions?
  • What are the business implications of increased divergence?
  • Will a single energy market be retained?


Valerie Fogleman, Professor of Law, Cardiff University
Kate Swade, Executive Director, Shared Assets 

Moderator: Joan Walley, Chair, Aldersgate Group


The Environment In The EU Post-Brexit

  • What will the EU-27 do differently?
  • How will the Circular Economy package evolve?
  • Assessing how REACH might potentially evolve in an EU-27 scenario?
  • How will future EU changes affect the UK?


Nigel Haigh, Hon. Fellow and Former Director, Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)
Andy Jordan, Professor, University of East Anglia
Samuel Lowe, Campaign Lead, Friends of the Earth

Moderator: Rick Stafford, Complex Systems Ecologist, Bournemouth University

17:15Chair's Closing Remarks
17:30End of Conference

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