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Managing indoor air quality with optimum humidity

Managing indoor air quality with the optimum humidity level throughout the year

infographic of a humidifier in an apartment

Technology that maintains indoor air quality through humidity control.

Maintaining the optimum level of humidity is very difficult in a very dry winter in Korea

infographic of a man with respiratory problems

Many people suffer from respiratory or skin diseases in cold and dry winters in Korea. Indoor air in winter is very dry because of the heating system. As many people stay inside due to the cold weather, various pollutants and viruses floating inside negatively affects our health. Therefore, in order to protect our health in winter, it is essential to ventilate indoor air, maintain adequate humidity levels and drink a sufficient amount of water.

Humidity levels also affect ancient remains

infographic of a mummy in a coffin and Chile

The Daily Mail reported that the conditions of the oldest mummies in the world, preseved in an archaelological museaum in Chile, are deteriorating due to the increased humidity level caused by climate change. The increased humidity level caused by climate change encouraged bacterial growth on mummies, which is likely to have a serious impact on not only mummies preserved in museums but also the ones that have not yet been excavated.

Development of Eco-Friendly Air Purifier for Improving Indoor Air Quality

infographic of a hybrid dehumidification process

Environmental R&D technology for humidity control (1)

Technical Overview

  • Development of hybrid dehumidification system that combines the merits of compression type and desiccant type dehumidification system.

Strengths compared to the existing technologies

  • Energy Efficiency improves up to 0.04ℓ/day, based on dehumidifying capacity 10ℓ/day
  • Development of high efficiency dehumidification system of class W
  • Development of electric dust collection system (Ozone Emission Less than 0.01ppm and the removal efficiency of 0.3㎛fine particles up to 80%)

Hybrid Dehumidification Process

Humid air and hot air from a heater passes into a moisture absorption rotor resulting in water vaporization and dew condensation collected in a water tank leaving dry air coming out the other side.

Company Information

Tae Jin Metal Co. Ltd,, 033-744-7480

Key Performance

Completion of the patent registration of manufacturing method of dehumidification rotor through KEITI'S R&D support

Development of multi-component, simultaneous indoor air purifier & management system

infographic of air purification process

Environmental R&D technology for humidity control (2)

Technical Overview

  • Developing the system that both measures and purifies oxygen, temperature, humidity level, VOCs, dust, and CO2, which are important factors of indoor air quality.

Strengths compared to the existing technologies

  • Establishing a combined control criteria for oxygen, temperature, humidity, dust and smell
  • Implementing complementary control function between sensing items
  • Creating technologies that complement the sensing controls improving Korean environmental technology.

Company Information

Biotel Co. Ltd, +82-31-225-3080

Key Performance

Registering 11 patents including indoor air quality control system through KEITI'S R&D support

Indoor air purifier certified as 'Korean Eco Labeling'

infographic indoor air purifying technology and Korea eco-label

Environmental R&D technology for humidity control (3)

Technical Overview

Eco-friendly design (which is certified when lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium are used below the specified standard during the manufacturing process) and noise-control design

Strengths compared to the existing technologies

  • Improving dust collection rate and dust storage capacity
  • Minimizing negative environmental impacts such as gas removal rate and gas removal capacity

Company Information

Coway Co. Ltd,, +82-41-580-7881

Key Performance

The first company in Korea to acquire Korean Eco Labelling as air purifier products with IoT technology.