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Tackling cold waves driven by climate change

The Earth is getting warmer. Why is it that the winters are getting colder?

infographic of world and temperatures

Climate change and cold waves.

Winters all around the world becoming harsh with heavy snow and cold waves

infographic of a man wrapped in blanket

A record-breaking frigid winter hit Korea last year for the first time in 15 years. In January of this year, some parts of Europe including Italy, Poland and Greece were hit by a cold wave, for the first time in decades, causing a series of deaths. And in Turkey, cold weather and heavy snow paralyzed roads and airports. What is the reason behind these harsh winters that are getting colder by the year?

How are climate change and abnormal cold waves connected?

infographic of polar vortex and jet stream

According to the analysis by experts, the abnormally-cold weather that hit the Korean peninsula, Europe and the United States is caused by polar vortex that descended from the North Pole due to global warming. The cohesive force of the jet stream that surrounds the polar vortex, a large mass of cold air in the Arctic area, is weakened due to global warming, expanding the cold air mass southward.

Platform technology based on a network of sensors that monitor changes in the ecosystem caused by climate change

infographic of monitoring system

Environmental R&D technology to prepare for climate change (1)

Technical Overview

  • By using outstanding domestic IT, the company has built a system to collect and operate ecosystem and meteorological information on a real-time basis, producing multilateral and comprehensive research findings.

Strengths compared to the existing technologies

  • Reduced time spent collecting data by building a USN-based system that monitors changes in the ecosystem on a real-time basis
  • Reduced environmental load by about 30% by collecting ecological information on a real-time basis using a sensor

Company Information

Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation,, +82-2-910-5303

Key Performance

Published in major academic journals 4 times for research findings such as the development of a standard system for managing information on changes in the ecosystem and an applied software for an integrated management of nature and environmental information

Development of technology to produce eco-friendly heat insulating materials from phenol resin foam for construction use

infographic of heat insulating materials

Environmental R&D technology to prepare for climate change (2)

Technical Overview

  • Developed flame resistant, heat-insulating materials from phenol resin foam with outstanding sound proofing and heat insulating functions by developing the optimal formula for a PF foam and the discovering the optimal synthesis conditions for phenol resin foam, which has high thermal stability and does not emit harmful gases.

Strengths compared to the existing technologies

  • The PF foam is organized in a closed cell structure, in a shape of a benzene ring, providing excellent heat-insulating effects
  • Contains a large amount of hydroxymethyl due to the increase in viscosity of phenol resin, giving a higher heating value than existing products

Company Information

Jinyoung Steel Co. Ltd,, +82-1588-0520

Key Performance

The leading company for the next generation of panels with products such as a heat-insulating panelusing eco-friendly materials that are made with polyurethane, E.P.S sandwich panel and G.W. sandwich panel.

Aluminum heat-insulation window with Eco-Label certification

infographic indoor heat insulation window

Environmental R&D technology to prepare for climate change (3)

Technical Overview

Lead, cadmium, mercury and such materials are not used when producing the window; and insulation, air tightness and sound proof functions of the product meet the qualifications for eco-friendly product certification

Strengths compared to the existing technologies

  • Sound proofing and reduced energy consumption
  • Designed so that airborne materialssuch as rain water and dust would not fly in when ventilating

Company Information

Daeyoung Jeil Co. Ltd, +82-53-791-6490

Key Performance

Outstanding company with the technology to produce an aluminum window that enhances resource recycling and deceases harmful materials