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Advanced technologies to prevent water pollution

Let's save water, a vital source of life!

pipe spewing waste into lake

Introducing environmental technologies that reverse water pollution.

Due to the outbreak of Avian Influenza(AI) in Korea, the Korean government is concerned about water contamination around AI carcass burial sites, makes an all-out effort to control water quality

graphic of ground water pollution

Concerns are rising about water contamination caused by leachate from carcass burials in the midst of the worst AI outbreak in Korea. Leachate emerges when the buried carcasses are decomposed and the contaminated water gets permeated and drained into the soil and emerges to the surface of the earth. The Ministry of Environment of Korea is making an all-out effort to prevent the permeation of leachates from the buried carcass and to manage the quality of ground water near the burial sites and the water in spring water sources.

Water contamination is harmful to the human body and the ecosystem

infographic of a glass of polluted water and a building on fire

At the end of 1950s in the Czech Republic, the “blue baby” syndrome occurred wherein the body color of the children who drank nitrate-contaminated water turned blue. And 8% of the babies with the syndrome died. Moreover, in 1986, a fire that broke out in a chemical warehouse in Switzerland led to water contamination of the Rhine River, causing a massive aquatic kill.

Development of a technology to apply the process of advanced treatment and reuse of waste water from steel manufacturing process

infographic of treatment system

Environmental R&D technology to purify waste water (1)

Technical Overview

  • Technology for reuse and advanced treatment of industrial waste water (waste water from steel manufacturing process) that applies rapid pretreatment technology (Hydro J.B. process applied), customized MF/UF membrane separation technology for industrial waste water, continuous flow membrane separation technology (tankless system) and cost-effective brine treatment technology (BBF).

Strengths compared to the existing technologies

  • This technology can be used for various industrial uses: for example, it can be used not only for reusing waste water, but also for reusing sewage, rainwater and turbid water; for pretreating rainwater; for advanced technology for treated water from waste water treatment facilities; and for technology to purify eutectic solution.

Company Information

IPOSCI E&C,, +82-054-223-6114

Key Performance

With its world-class technology in the reuse of effluence and improving effluent standard, the company is promoting the application of this technology worldwide through both Korean and international test-beds.

Development of energy-reducing, compact wastewater and sewage treatment technology using smart devices and ICT convergence technology

infographic of mobile and tablet devices

Environmental R&D technology to purify waste water (2)

Technical Overview

  • Compact sewage treatment technology that can reduce energy consumption of advanced treatment facilities (ventilation equipment, return pump, etc.) compared to existing technology (A2O) by utilizing smart devices (smart biosensors, smart settler, high speed sedimentation measurement system) and ICT convergence technologies.

Strengths compared to the existing technologies

  • Operation of energy-saving biological reactor using a biosensor
  • Prediction of the operation status of the settling tank by measuring high speed sedimentation of sludge
  • Increase in the inflow rate by improving sedimentation efficiency of sludge

Company Information

Aqua Tech,, +82-31-205-0360

Key Performance

Secured high market share within the advanced sewage treatment industry in Korea with technology adopted from a Danish company, BioBalance.

Development of a core technology for advanced treatment of nondegradable contaminants and nutrient matters

infographic about treatment process

Environmental R&D technology to purify waste water (3)

Technical Overview

  • By applying biological filtration and ozone advanced oxidation process, this technology can remove the nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) and traces of nondegradable contaminants in the effluent from wastewater and sewage treatment facilities

Strengths compared to the existing technologies

  • Remove 90% of soluble contaminants and can treat nitrogen and total phosphorus under 3mg/L and 0.05mg/L, respectively
  • Minimizing the land use by using compact facilities and the ability to manage low-temperature and the loading of solid materials

Company Information

Bukang Tech Co., Ltd, +82-70-5050-5555

Key Performance

BKT's sewage treatment model was officially adopted by UN ECOSOSC as a sustainable development model (July 2016)